Webinar: Rational decision-making in medicine: A neglected topic

Date 10/25/16 2:00pm to 3:00pm
Presenter(s) Benjamin Djulbegovic, MD, PhD
Location Webinar
Event URL https://nih.webex.com/mw3000/mywebex/default.do?service=7&nomenu=true&main_url=%2Ftc3000%2Ftrainingcenter%2FLoading.do%3Fsiteurl%3Dnih%26UID%3D4263297222%26RT%3DMiMxMQ%253D%253D%26siteurl%3Dnih%26apiname%3Dj.php%26MTID%3Dta6b9afc03c59928d5c11ad44d5a44427%

The US spends nearly 18% ($2.7 trillion) of its GDP on healthcare, yet more than 30% is wasted on inappropriate care. Increasingly, suboptimal care is connected to the quality of medical decisions. It has been argued that personal decisions are the leading cause of death, and 80% of healthcare expenditures result from physicians' decisions. Therefore, improving healthcare necessitates improving medical decisions, i.e. making decisions rational. But, what is “rational” decision-making? The “Great Rationality Debate” is not new to other disciplines, but remains a neglected topic in clinical literature, despite its obvious importance.

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