Child Study Center's 2017 Bloom Lecture

Date 09/21/17 4:15pm to 6:00pm
Presenter(s) Tom O'Connor
Location Nittany Lion Inn, Assembly Room

"Early Stress and Psychological Development: What do the theories propose and what do the findings mean?"


There is now a great deal of clinical and theoretical regard for the role that early stress may play in long-term behavioral and physical health outcomes. This area of research encompasses many broad and substantial models of human development (e.g., “developmental programming”), engages several competing and complementary biological mechanisms (e.g., stress physiology, [neuro]inflammation), and requires an impressive array of research techniques (e.g., neuroimaging, behavioral manipulations).  In the course of this presentation, we will consider some of these, and focus particularly on the goodness of fit between alternative models and available evidence. We will also consider how a trans-disciplinary approach, which is needed for this kind of study, presents practical challenges for research and training.


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