Big Data Social Science IGERT “Speed Dating”

Date 09/18/17 12:10pm to 2:00pm
Location B001 Sparks (the Databasement)

The Big Data Social Science IGERT invites interested Penn State faculty, students, and researchers to attend our annual (and final) 'speed dating/matchmaking' event.  Faculty who have indicated an interest will offer a lightning presentation (two slides, two minutes) of their research interests or possible projects/research questions, and the IGERT trainees will present a lightning presentation of their skills, background and interests. This exchange will facilitate discussions of possible research rotations for the IGERT student in the faculty lab and/or the IGERT students engaging with a project in some other configuration or capacity, but it will also be a fun showcase of some of the work and projects going on in various labs around campus.

BDSS IGERT ( students are required to participate in research rotations as part of the training program.  We are looking for faculty, labs, and projects to host such rotations if they have projects that would or might fit the big data and social science aspects of the program's core mission.  In addition, we are always looking for projects on which groups of students can collaborate, or that might serve as the basis of a 'hackathon' or other form of challenge event. Coming from varying backgrounds -- current IGERT Trainees are from Political Science, Sociology, Criminology, Demography, Human Development & Family Studies, Statistics, Geography, and Information Sciences & Technology -- BDSS IGERT Trainees can bring a unique set of skills and expertise to bear on a problem or research question. Since the program's beginning in 2012, BDSS-IGERT students have co-authored over 150 papers and similar scientific products, garnering over 950 citations to date, and most of these began in research rotations. Explore these on the program's Google Scholar page:

To ensure that the event goes efficiently, we ask faculty and other researchers to indicate their intention to participate via email to Program Coordinator, Kitty MacKenzie ( by Monday, Sept. 11, and to provide their slides ... one or two slides, in pdf format ... in advance to Kitty MacKenzie by Friday, Sep 15. A light lunch will be served.

Directions to the DataBasement here:

The Big Data Social Science Speaker & Event Series is made possible by the support of the Social Science Research Institute, Institute for Cyberscience, the Quantitative Social Science Initiative, the Department of Political Science and the Big Data Social Science IGERT.

 This event is open to all interested members of the Penn State community.

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