Putting the 'Gang' back in Gang Research: Group-level Characteristics of Gangs in the Texas Prison System

Date 04/13/18 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Presenter(s) David Pyrooz, Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Colorado Boulder
Location 406 Oswald Tower

Dr. David Pyrooz’s serves as an assistant professor at the University of Colorado Boulder and as a faculty associate in the Problem Behavior and Positive Youth Development Program in the Institute of Behavioral Science. His research primarily focuses on gangs and criminal networks. In this talk, he will discuss some of his recent work on the group-level characteristics of gangs in the Texas prison system and address the following questions:
1) Is it possible to research the group-level characteristics of gangs by relying on the self-reports of gang members?
2) To what extent is there heterogeneity across gangs in their compositional, instrumental, expressive, profit-generation, and communicative features?
3) What explains differences in the group-level characteristics of gangs?

Available online via Zoom:  https://psu.zoom.us/j/976418716

Meeting ID to join: 976 418 716

This lecture is co-sponsored by the Justice Center for Research and the Department of Sociology & Criminology.

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