PRI Brown Bag Speaker Series - Population, Health & Environment Flash Talks

Date 01/21/20 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Presenter(s) Yubraj Acharya, Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Administration, and Demography; Guangqing Chi, Associate Professor of Rural Sociology, Demography, and Public Health Sciences; Heather Randell, Assistant Professor of Rural Sociology & Demography; Asher Rosinger, Assistant Professor Biobehavioral Health, Anthropology & Demography; Alexis Santos, Assistant Professor of Human Development & Family Studies and Demography
Location 110 Henderson Building
Event URL Population, Health & Environment Flash Talks

Population, Health & Environment Flash Talks

Yubraj Acharya, "Reducing Inappropriate Dispensing and Consumption of Antibiotics through Behavioral Interventions."

Guangqing Chi, "Demography of the socio-environmental systems: From high latitudes to high altitudes”

Heather Randell, "Climate Change and Child Nutrition: Evidence from Rural Ethiopia"

Asher Rosinger, "Water insecurity, water salinity, and implications for chronic health among Pastoralists in Northern Kenya"

Alexis Santos, "Revisiting the demography of disaster: Mortality, health and migration in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria"


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