Procedures for Submitting Co-Funded Faculty Proposals

The Dean of each college may submit up to two proposals in any of the theme areas. Proposals should not exceed four pages. Please organize your proposal as following.

  • Title of Position/Department or College/Contact Person
  • Describe the position: Explain the significance for advancing knowledge and practice in the targeted areas of study.
  • Justify why the position is best supported in a specific department/unit, and how the position would contribute to the department and college: Discuss how this position would meet specific departmental needs in the areas of research, education, and engagement/service. Refer to the college and department strategic plans and discuss how this position would fit within the department from an organizational standpoint. Please discuss how placing this position in the department would build on and enhance the expertise within the existing faculty.
  • Describe how the position would facilitate interdisciplinary connections and strengthen Penn State's efforts in research, education, and engagement in the priority theme area: Describe how the position will interrelate with an interdisciplinary (cross-department, cross-college) network. Specify the ways in which the faculty member's activities (research, education, and engagement) will bridge across departmental lines.
  • Statement of support from the dean: Include a statement of support from the dean, including an agreement of financial support for salary and start-up costs, as well as any other support provided by the college/department for the co-funded faculty role with SSRI.
  • Proposal Evaluation Criteria
    • Significance
    • Fit with SSRI's mission and strategic aims
    • Fit with departmental mission
    • Potential for bridging across units
    • Department/college support for the co-funded role

It may be helpful to review examples of successful co-funded faculty proposals.

Proposals must be submitted as one document via email to