Registration open for a seminar about research misconduct


Penn State Clinical and Translational Science Institute presents “Research Misconduct: Beyond Federal Regulations” at its next Translational Science Seminar Series. This seminar will be held from noon to 1 p.m. on Jan. 30. 

In addition to being held in H4504 at the College of Medicine, the session will be streamed to 116 Henderson at University Park campus and will stream online. Online registration is requested; the online stream link is provided upon registration.

Jennifer McCormick, lead of the institute’s ethics sub-core, will lead this interactive discussion. 

“The scientific community seeks to find ‘truth’,” McCormick said. “However, not everyone is naturally motivated to report the facts as they find them, to give credit to the work of others or to avoid situations where they might benefit by shading their interpretation. The ‘publish or perish’ paradigm of scientific culture may tempt even the most honest person to act in a less than honest manner.”

This presentation is relevant to any person involved in the research process. It will include a brief review of what research misconduct is and is not, and discuss how current policy developed. Cases will be incorporated, several of which will include interactive elements.

The Translational Science Seminar Series is held to encourage an engaged translational science workforce through panel discussions, interactive sessions and practical application information.

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