Prosper Data Sharing for PSU Investigators - Appendix D

Appendix D

Numbers and Titles for Grants Supporting PROSPER Data Collection and Analyses*

PROSPER-Related ISU/PPSI-led grants:

  • R01 DA013709 – Partnership Model for Diffusion of Proven Prevention (NIDA)
  • R01 DA037024 – Quality Delivery of Evidence-Based Programs for National Guard and Reserve Component Families: Applying the Proven PROSPER Model (NIDA)
  • R18 DP002279 – Adoption and Implementation Support Innovations for PROSPER Partnership-Based EBI (CDC)
  • RC2 DA028879 – Toward a PROSPER State Partnership Network: Building Infrastructure and Capacity (NIDA GO grant)
  • 16927 – PROSPER-SBIRT Intervention and Process Evaluation for RCT Replication and Extension, Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
  • 016951-00001 – Aligning PROSPER with Health Care Reform through Expanded Partnerships and SBIRT: RCT Replication and Extension, Laura and John Arnold Foundation

PROSPER-Related PSU-led grants:

  • F31 DA024916 – Friends as Allies in Prevention: Developmental Changes in Intentions to Intervene (NIDA)
  • F31 DA028047 – Parental Monitoring and Early Adolescent Risky Behavior: A Latent Class Approach (NIDA)
  • F32 DA034501 – Strengthening Benefit-Cost Analyses of Substance Abuse Prevention (NIDA)
  • T32 DA017629 – Prevention and Methodology Training (NIDA PAMT)
  • R01 DA018225 - Friendship Networks and Emergence of Substance Use
  • R01 DA030389 – Implications of Genetic Variance for Substance Use Interventions in Adolescence (NIDA)
  • Impact of School-Based Prevention on Friendship Networks and Peer Influence (William T. Grant Foundation)

ISU/PPSI foundational (pre-PROSPER) project grants (for those papers employing the foundational project data sets for replication and extension purposes):

  • R01 AA014702 – Rural Family and Community Drug Abuse Prevention Project (NIAAA)
  • R01 DA007029 – Rural Family and Community Drug Abuse Prevention Project (NIDA)
  • R01 DA010815 – Rural Youth and Family Competencies Building Projects (NIDA)
  • R01 MH049217 – Rural Youth at Risk – Extension-Based Prevention Efficacy (NIMH)

*For more information on PIs and grant summaries, please contact Sherry Robison.


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