Center for Educational Disparities Research

Penn State’s Social Science Research Institute and the College of Education have teamed up to establish the Center for Educational Disparities Research (CEDR) in order to close the opportunity gaps faced by minority and low-income children. CEDR is an extension of Penn State’s Educational Risk Initiative (ERI) and will support and build upon research focused on educational inequality and the means by which it can be remedied. Educational disparities can result from children having untreated disabilities, being raised in less-advantaged homes and communities, and receiving lower-quality schooling. These disparities can extend over the life course, affecting adult employment outcomes, health and well-being. CEDR will support researchers of varied backgrounds—including sociology, developmental psychology, demography, educational and school psychology, and educational policy—by allowing them greater access to external funding, multi-disciplinary team opportunities, proposal assistance and mentoring and networking events.