Zero-cost multilingual program execution using GraalVM

Date 10/24/17 1:30pm to 3:00pm
Presenter(s) Eric Sedlar, Oracle Labs VP and Technical Director
Location 233A HUB-Robeson Center
Event URL

Join Eric Sedlar, Oracle Labs VP and Technical Director, for a discussion of GraalVM, a new meta-interpreter designed to more efficiently execute multiple programming languages. Computational researchers who rely on multiple interpreted programming languages (such as Python, R, or Ruby) for their work can find that doing so leads to inefficiencies and duplicated efforts, since each program has its own interpreter performing similar tasks. GraalVM is intended to address this problem.

Seating is limited; please RSVP. Also, please share this event with other faculty who are interested in high-performance computing and big data research at Penn State.


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