QuantDev Brown Bag Seminar

Date 09/05/18 12:00pm to 1:15pm
Presenter(s) Saeed Abdullah
Location 412 BBH Building

Title: Your phone usage reveals a lot about you: Inferring sleep and circadian disruptions from phone use patterns.

Did you reach out for your phone right after waking up this morning? How frequently do you use your phone throughout the day? For many people, numerous behaviors and social interactions now get mediated through their phones. As a result, phone use patterns can provide highly granular snapshots of our daily activities and intentions enabling a passive, unobtrusive form of "soft-sensing". In this presentation, I will talk about how these patterns can reflect our sleep and circadian disruptions in particular. For example, I will show that sleep inertia and social jet lag can manifest in our phone use trends. I will also describe how soft-sensing can be leveraged to track changes in our circadian rhythms of alertness throughout the day. For instance, app use trends (e.g., app types and duration of use) can indicate periods of high and low alertness. I will conclude the presentation by pointing out the significant implications of these findings for sensing sleep and circadian disruptions at a global scale.

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