Research recruitment posters and fliers

Penn State Clinical and Translational Science Institute now offers a service through the institute’s communication team to create clinical research recruitment posters/flyers. This service is available to any Penn State campus. Advantages of using the institute service include:

  • Professionally written content for a public audience
  • Professionally designed templates
  • Several template styles available
  • Adherence to University branding guidelines
  • Use of legal, purchased stock images
  • Review by the institute’s Clinical Research Project Manager

To request a poster – or to request any institute service or consultation – complete a service request form. After completion, a member of the team will follow up with specific questions to create a poster. A draft will be created within 10 working days. The research team submits the poster for IRB review after it approves a draft with the institute communication team. The version for IRB review will include a watermark. Once the IRB approves, the study team notifies the institute communication team, the watermark is removed and a final PDF is sent to the study team. 

For College of Medicine studies: This process was created through cooperation with the Office of Marketing and Communications. The institute handles the poster/flyer creation and shares additional advertising needs with the marketing team.

For more information, email

The use of this service, as with any institute resource or tool, requires citation in any resulting publication. Learn more.