We support Penn State social scientists with solutions for data, computing, statistics, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), proposals, grants, and more.

The Computational and Spatial Analysis Core provides services to facilitate the use of geospatial data and build a spatial perspective into social science research.

The Quantitative Development Systems Core offers consultation from expert faculty and research associates on statistical, methodological, and analytic issues in social science research.

The SLEIC is dedicated to fostering cutting-edge research in the social, behavioral, biological, engineering, and materials sciences where imaging methodologies play a central role. It provides the Penn State research community with instrumentation, technological and substantive expertise, educational opportunities, and support for conducting magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and electrophysiology (EEG, ERP) experiments

The Survey Research Center provides a range of services, including data collection, survey design, sampling, data entry, survey data management, and data analysis.