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Published on: Aug 24, 2021

The Moral Agency Workshop is an interdisciplinary group of faculty and students who do work broadly related to ethical and moral decision-making. The workshop is one of the central features of the Moral Agency and Moral Development initiative in the Rock Ethics Institute.

The group convenes once a month to discuss in-progress work — particularly work that might benefit from constructive interdisciplinary feedback — as well as readings that are appealing across disciplines. Over the years, the membership of the group has fluctuated to include members from psychology, philosophy, media studies, communication arts and sciences, engineering, marketing, anthropology, history, sociology, bioethics, and more. When outside speakers have come in (e.g., for the Expanding Empathy series), speakers often meet with the group, providing some informal networking and collaboration opportunities. Many group attendees, both internal and external, have commented in the past about how the diverse sorts of feedback from the group have facilitated their in-progress work.

If you think you might being interested in a once-a-month Zoom meeting, please fill out the poll at, sometime in the next week. The meetings would be about an hour in length,  and the group will discuss either one person’s in-progress work or a short assigned reading. The last week of September is a possible range for a first meeting. If you have any questions or recommendations about the format of the workshop, please contact Daryl Cameron at