Headshot of Xiaoxiao Bai with black hair, white shirt, and tan sweater.

Xiaoxiao Bai, Ph.D.

MRI Engineer, Statistical, Analytic, and Programming Specialist, Assistant Research Professor, Social, Life, and Engineering Sciences Imaging Center (SLEIC)
Headshot of Yosef Bodovski with short hair and thin rimmed glasses wearing a blue and black collared shirt.

Yosef Bodovski

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Research Analyst, Computational and Spatial Analysis Core (CSA)
Headshot of Kristin Buss with long brown hair, silver necklace, and maroon top.

Kristin Buss, Ph.D.

Tracy Winfree and Ted H. McCourtney Professor in Children, Work, and Families, Psychology
Headshot of Raeven Chandler with blonde hair and a flower blouse.

Raeven Chandler

Director of Pennsylvania Population Network, Population Research Institute (PRI)
Assistant Research Professor, Rural Sociology
Penn State Mark

Li Ge

Web Developer/Designer, Communications Core
Headshot of Miranda Kaye with long dark hair and blue shirt.

Miranda P. Kaye, Ph.D.

Associate Research Professor
Affiliate Faculty RTPM
Headshot of Leslie Parent with short dark brown hair, black top, and black and white patterned jacket.

Leslie J. Parent, M.D.

Vice Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, Associate Vice President for Health Sciences Research, Physician, Co-Director of the MD/PhD Program, College of Medicine
Sujeong Park with short black hair and dark jacket and white blouse.

Sujeong Park, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Addiction Studies
Headshot of Koraly Pérez-Edgar with black hair and purple long sleeved blouse.

Koraly Pérez-Edgar, Ph.D.

McCourtney Professor of Child Studies, Professor, Psychology
Lora Weiss

Lora Weiss

Senior Vice President for Research