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SSRI announces large pilot grants program

Nov 3, 2021

Penn State’s Social Science Research Institute invites proposals of up to $75,000 for innovative pilot research projects that contribute to SSRI’s strategic mission of fostering interdisciplinary research that addresses critical human and social problems at the local, national, and international…
News Topics: SSRIFunding

McHale featured in Best and Worst Places to Raise a Family feature

Jun 15, 2021

SSRI Director Susan McHale is featured as an expert in WalletHub's 2021 Best and Worst Places to Raise a Family feature. Read McHale's insight and advice here.
News Topics: SSRI

Three new SSRI funding opportunities now accepting proposals

Jan 14, 2021

Penn State’s Social Science Research Institute has announced a call for proposals for three grant programs. The COVID-19 Pandemic Emergency Research Funding in Social and Behavioral Sciences RFP invites proposals to supplement ongoing, externally funded, interdisciplinary research projects to cover…
News Topics: SSRIFunding

SSRI announces three new RFAs

Jan 10, 2021

The COVID-19 Pandemic Emergency Research Funding in Social and Behavioral Sciences, Call for Proposals on Implementation Science, and Smart and Connected Health in Social Science Request for Pilot Grant Proposals have been developed with the goal of advancing SSRI’s strategic aims. Click on the…
News Topics: SSRIFunding

SSRI Fall Gathering goes virtual

Nov 24, 2020

Faculty and staff from all of SSRI's units recently gathered together virtually to celebrate major accomplishments of the year and to announce staff awards. The “Above and Beyond Award” was given to Barbara Rigg, SSRI grants and contracts manager and director of the administrative core, and Mark…
News Topics: SSRIFall Gathering

Social Science Research Institute Director Susan McHale to step down; Search for next SSRI director to commence

Jul 26, 2020

The Office of the Senior Vice President for Research announced on July 24 that Susan McHale will step down as the director of the Social Science Research Institute. She will continue to head the institute while a search for the next director is conducted. McHale has served as the SSRI director…
News Topics: SSRI

Penn State stands out as 'exception' for team research collaboration

Mar 5, 2020

The faculty at Penn State may view their extensive interdisciplinary research collaborations as normal, but it turns out that Penn State’s successful culture of innovation through interdisciplinary collaborations is anything but normal. It is an exception. In December 2019, a research team led by…

Fall Gathering Basket Raffle/donations benefit local family

Dec 13, 2019

This year SSRI is sponsoring a family of four through Centre Safe Sponsorship. The donations received from the Fall Gathering totaled $566, enabling us to purchase gift cards and presents that each family member requested, including art supplies and a skateboard, drawing supplies, and LOL dolls for…

Morgan's research cited in report on using science and policy to advance health

Dec 13, 2019

Paul Morgan, director of the Center for Educational Disparities Research and PRI affiliate, and his research team's finding on disparities in disability identification are repeatedly cited in Vibrant and Healthy Kids, the new National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine report on using…

Mood of the Nation Poll examines gun control as case reaches Supreme Court

Dec 4, 2019

The Supreme Court’s decision on a New York City gun regulation could mean the first significant judicial action on gun reform in nearly a decade — at a time when the McCourtney Institute for Democracy’s Mood of the Nation Poll finds that a majority of Americans support stricter regulations for gun…

SSRI Fall Gathering 2019

Dec 1, 2019

Faculty and staff from all of SSRI's units recently gathered together at the Hintz Family Alumni Center to celebrate major accomplishments of the year and to announce staff awards. The “Above and Beyond Award” was given to Avery Urusow from the Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness. Diane…

All the feels: Feeling loved in everyday life linked with improved well-being

Nov 26, 2019

Poets and songwriters may tend to focus their artistry on passion and romance, but it may be those unsung, brief feelings of love throughout the day that are connected with psychological well-being, according to a team of researchers led by two Penn State Institute for Computational and Data…

Progressive gender views may protect health of financially dependent men

Nov 26, 2019

As it becomes more common for women to be the breadwinner of their family, men’s health may be affected depending on their views on gender ideology, according to Penn State researchers. The researchers found that men who were financially dependent on their wives and who also had more traditional…

NIH Requests Public Comment on a Draft Policy for Data Management and Sharing and Supplemental Draft Guidance

Nov 26, 2019

NIH recently released a Draft NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing and supplemental draft guidance for public comment. The purpose of this draft policy and supplemental draft guidance is to promote effective and efficient data management and sharing that furthers NIH’s commitment to making…

The RISE Network: Towards a New Framework for University Interventions in Disasters

Nov 25, 2019

In the era of climate change—where the frequency of extreme weather and disaster events is increasing and social inequality magnifies their impact—universities are acting as first responders without being designed or organized to serve in this role. Immediately after major events such as Hurricane…

Why Social Science? - Because It Makes Informed Democracy Possible

Nov 19, 2019

By Rush D. Holt, Ph.D., CEO Emeritus, American Association for the Advancement of Science Einstein said famously, “The eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility.” It gives scientific optimists like me encouragement that great thinkers have concluded it is possible to understand the…

Personality traits may predict problems with problem-solving in older adults

Nov 19, 2019

People often blame poor genetics or lack of mental stimulation for cognitive decline with aging. While those can play a role, new research suggests that certain personality and temperament traits in older adults can cause personal problem-solving skills and can impact everyday cognitive functioning…

Symposium focuses on families and food, honors late colleague Leann Birch

Nov 19, 2019

The late Leann Birch, a former Penn State distinguished professor of human development and family studies and former director of the Center for Childhood Obesity Research in the Department of Nutritional Sciences, was honored at the 27th Annual National Symposium on Family issues, held recently at…

SSRI cofund donates graduation gowns to alleviate financial burden for students

Nov 18, 2019

Graduation caps and gowns are an integral aspect of the traditional graduation process. However, for some students, purchasing a cap and gown can be a financial burden that impacts their ability to attend commencement. Now, thanks to a Penn State faculty member, students in need have an option to…
News Topics: SSRI

Popular electronic cigarette may deliver nicotine more effectively than others

Nov 18, 2019

When it comes to nicotine delivery, not all electronic cigarettes are created equally, according to Penn State researchers. New research from Penn State College of Medicine shows that JUUL, a popular pod-based electronic cigarette, can deliver more nicotine at a faster rate than most other types of…

Conference explores role of institutions of higher education in extreme weather

Nov 15, 2019

As the number of extreme weather events associated to climate change continues to grow world-wide, it is becoming increasingly important that institutions of higher education reflect on their role both before and after catastrophic events. The “RISE CONFERENCE 2019: Transforming University…

Krug joins SSRI

Nov 13, 2019

Please welcome Public Relations Specialist Melissa Krug to SSRI. Melissa is responsible for the communications efforts of the Consortium to Combat Substance Abuse (CCSA) and is coordinating the Evidence to Impact Collaborative (EIC) podcast series. Melissa previously worked as a poverty analyst at…

Clearinghouse staff participate in Penn State's Veterans Day ceremony

Nov 13, 2019

US Army Veteran Philip Ealy, left, implementation specialist with the Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness, and Renne Kotch, research and evaluation associate with the Clearinghouse and an active duty military spouse, stand at attention during the playing of the National Anthem at the start…

Registration open for a seminar on building community collaborations

Nov 6, 2019

Penn State Clinical and Translational Science Institute presents “Building Effective Community Collaborations” at its next Bench to Bedside and Beyond Seminar Series from noon to 1 p.m. on Nov. 21.  In addition to being held at 116 Henderson at the University Park campus, the session will be…

Equipping military kids with the tools they need to succeed

Nov 5, 2019

Teachers, school psychologists and counselors are frequently called upon to provide emotional support for students so they can achieve positive behavioral and academic outcomes. A new Penn State-led, five-year project will provide additional support for children of military families, who can be at…