Howard county map
Published on: Sep 8, 2021

A recent policy brief by the Pennsylvania Population Network in collaboration with the Center for Education and Civil Rights at Penn State demonstrates diversification of suburban communities do not necessarily translate into school-level integration. This is partly due to school attendance zone boundaries that determine where children attend school, thereby sorting student populations and allocating educational opportunity.

In this brief, the authors examine growing diversity, school boundaries, and segregation in Howard County Public School System (HCPSS), Maryland, a fast-growing, diverse suburban district that is often cited for its economic affluence and excellent school system. Read more here.

The Pennsylvania Population Network (PPN) is a visible program of demographic and health research, application and outreach focusing on population characteristics and change in Pennsylvania, the United States and the world. The PPN provides analyses focused on the role of population structure and change and the subsequent impact on demographic outcomes of well-being in order to inform and assist decision making by stakeholders. The PPN amplifies opportunities for students in related programs to apply their training to community-relevant problems.