Gender and Agriculture Publication.
Published on: May 30, 2019

Leif Jensen, associate director of SSRI and distinguished professor of rural sociology and demography, co-authored a chapter in Gender, Agriculture and Agrarian Transformations edited by Carolyn Sachs, professor emerita of rural sociology. Jensen and other authors wrote the section titled 14 Changes in participation of women in rice value chains.

The chapter focuses on the complexity of women’s roles in agricultural development across cultures and the progression of women rice farmers’ contribution to agriculture. Researchers propose 14 statements based on gender norms or stereotypes that are rated as an agreement or disagreement by women farmers to assess the truth behind current perceptions regarding women in agriculture.

The publication in its entirety is based on research across Africa, Latin America and Asia uncovering changing patterns between gender, agriculture and the cultivation of land. A main component of this research is the increasing feminization within agronomy despite the oppression women are still facing.

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